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Over the years, the popularity of diode laser hair removal treatments has increasingly risen. There are now many different laser hair removal treatments that people do at home or go see a specialist for. More than ever, there has been an increase in women and men wanting to remove hair. We see it most commonly with women wanting to remove hair from their bikini line, underarms, and legs. At Beagone Laser Clinic, we provide a non-invasive diode laser hair removal treatment that is extremely effective and safe. The latest technology triple wavelength Diode laser hair removal machine.   It has a unique wavelength of 755nm 808nm 1064nm which can work with all skin types and with all kinds of hair types.




Top to Toe -      £208.00 


What Is Diode Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

You may see that there are many different types of hair removal treatment options for you to do yourself. These usually are not very effective and are short-term solutions.

Our diode laser hair removal machine is one of the newest on the market. Our device will remove unwanted hair in your desired area for a long period of time. Laser hair removal devices typically target the melanin in your hair follicles. Melanin is a naturally occurring pigment that plays a factor in what colour your hair is. It is suitable for all different skin and hair types due to the wavelengths of the machine being longer to target the hair.


How Does Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine Work?

Diode laser removal is a non-invasive laser treatment that is suitable for all skin and hair types. Our device can match your skin and hair type to get the most accurate and effective results. In comparison to more traditional laser devices, this device is less painful and more effective.

Our device works by delivering high levels of energy to the skin. Here it targets the melanin whilst making sure not to damage surrounding tissue. A single wavelength of light will absorb the melanin that is targeted. The single wavelength is longer than more traditional devices, making it better for darker skin types. Larger areas of hair follicles are also targeted. Your skin will heal and recover and heal faster.

Your session length will depend on the area you want to be treated. Your hair will regrow back lighter and finer than before. After your sessions of diode laser hair removal treatment, your hair will be permanently removed.



Q: Will diode laser hair removal treatment hurt?
A: You may feel slight discomfort but this procedure does not usually hurt much. If at any time you feel uncomfortable we can take breaks.

Q: Diode laser machine vs IPL
A: Diode laser hair removal machine is more effective and provides less discomfort to clients. It is also better suited to more skin and hair types, making it more inclusive. IPL often requires more sessions and times since it uses many different wavelengths. Since it uses different wavelengths, the hair is not targeted as well.

Q: What are the benefits of diode laser hair removal treatment?
A: Diode laser hair removal treatment is an effective long-term solution to laser hair removal. You will find that it is more effective than home treatments.

Q: Diode laser hair removal treatment cost in the UK?
A: This will depend on the area/areas that you want to remove.

Q: How many sessions will I need?
A: This will depend on the individual as it will depend on the area of hair you want to be removed. This is something we will discuss during your consultation too or feel free to give us a call or DM us on Instagram for more information!

Q: Is it suitable for me?
A: Yes diode laser hair removal treatment is suitable for most skin types! Feel free to give us a call or DM us on Instagram for more information!

Q: Diode laser hair removal results?
A: You will be able to permanently remove your unwanted hair with our treatment.

Q: Diode laser hair removal side effects?
A: There are no real side effects to laser hair removal. After your treatment, you may see some redness or some soreness, but this should go away after a few days.

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