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Pelvic floor tightening is a treatment that can help strengthen the muscles that are used by your bowels and bladder. Fix your weakened pelvic floor by trying our non-invasive treatment at Beagone.


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30 Minutes - £45.00




What is this pelvic treatment for?

Over the course of your life, your pelvic floor can weaken for numerous reasons. This could be from factors such as age, pregnancy, menopause, constipation, etc. Pelvic floor weakness is often not talked about, and many people may find it embarrassing to talk about, but the long-term effects it may have can be serious.

You may find that people may try exercises ( known as Kegel exercises) to treat a weak pelvic floor, but this often requires a lot of time and doesn’t always work.


How does pelvic floor treatment work?

Our pelvic floor treatment is painless and effective. During your treatment, you will sit on our non-invasive device, which will help strengthen the weakened muscles. This machine will use electromagnetic technology that causes your muscles to contract and then release. The treatment is similar to the method of kegel exercises, but it is much more effective.

The procedure is quick and you can expect to notice the difference after several sessions. You will notice that your pelvic floor and bowel muscles strengthen. Sounds very simple right? All you need to do is sit in a chair!



Q: Does it hurt?

A: This treatment is painless, and you will find that some people even like going on their phone or reading a book to pass the time!

Q: How many sessions will I need?

A: This will depend on how weak your pelvic floor is, but people will find that a few sessions work best for them. During your consultation and after your treatment, we will also discuss how you feel in order to decide the best course for you

Q: Do I need to take any clothes off?

A: No, you can wear your normal clothes whilst sitting on our device. We won't ask you to undress.

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