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Best treatment for fungal nail infection (also known as onychomycosis), is a common infection that can occur on fingernails and toenails. You might have a fungal nail infection if you see discolouration, yellow and white streaks, dull-coloured nails, loose or raised nails or an unusual odour from the infected nail then contact to Beagone cosmetic laser clinic.


Fungal Nail Treatment Cost

Per Treatment - £40.00


 fungal nail treatment


Using a laser device, the fungal nail infection can be treated. The laser device emits pulses of energy which produces heat. The laser infiltrates through the nailbed to directly target the nail infection.  This is the best fungal nail treatment uk, and you can expect to see instant results. Making a decision about anti fungal nail treatment is difficult because of the many choices that are available. Using the best nail fungal treatment will ensure that the fungal nail infection is cured.  Whilst over the counter and common nail fungus treatments can cure it for the short term, the question is:


What is the best fungal nail treatment? 


The most effective anti fungal nail treatment from the best clinic can give you a permanent cure. Laser therapy for nail fungus treatment is the best option. It's a quick, easy, painless and permanent cure to fungal nail infection. If left untreated, it is possible for the fungal nail infection to spread to other parts of the body. This is most common in spreading to other nails e.g. toenails.


We understand that having a fungal nail infection can often make people feel embarrassed, but did you know that it’s more common than you think?


Don’t know how to get rid of fungal nail infection? Are over the counter treatments not working for you? How to cure fingernail fungus fast? We know how to treat it effectively and safely, to give you the best possible results for fungal nail infection treatment. 


Removing the bacterial infection from the nails, laser therapy is most effective amongst the antifungal treatments. There are other treatment options are available along with some home remedies, but to make your nails back to their original looks, the laser treatment is the best option. Before your toenail fungus infection treatment, we will have a look at the affected area and explain the process of how we will treat it to ensure that you feel comfortable.


How does laser treatment work on infected nails?


Using a laser device, the infected fingernail treatment is very successful. The laser device emits pulses of energy, which produces heat. The laser infiltrates through the nailbed to directly target the nail infection. Our fungal nail laser treatment is one of the best in the UK. By directly targeting the area, the infected tissue is sterilized and most importantly, the nail fungus is then prevented from spreading any further.  This is the best treatment for nail fungal infection and you can expect to see instant results. The process is fast, pain-free and there is no downtime.


At Beagone Laser Clinic, we offer the most effective toenail fungus treatment. For more information or book for the treatment




Q: Does laser fingernail infection treatment hurt?

A: Laser nail treatment for nail fungus does not hurt. During the procedure, you may feel a very mild sensation on your nails. This should cause no pain whatsoever. 


Q: Are there any side effects of fungal nail infection treatment?

A: There are no side effects to this fungal treatment by laser.


Q: Is there any downtime after the fungal nail treatment?

A: No there is not. You will be able to return to your normal activities straight away.


Q: Will the nail fungus come back?

A: Whilst it is very unlikely to come back again, you should follow our advice and recommendations on how to prevent it from occurring again. 


Q: How to get rid of nail fungus?

A: By opting for laser fungal nail treatment, this is the easiest and most efficient way to cure nails affected with fungal infection.


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